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Caring for your new tattoo

Keep the dressing on for one hour or until you get home. Once you have removed the dressing, wash your new tattoo with clean, warm soapy water. Pat dry only (do not rub) and leave it to air. You can shower or bathe as usual.

Continue this routine and from the second day onwards, apply a small amount of our recommended aftercare cream, available from the studio twice daily, until it is healed.

If you've had a large tattoo and/or a tattoo in a delicate or sensitive area, it is a good idea to get something cold on it after your initial wash, i.e. a cold pack, ice in a plastic bag. You can also get a clean flannel, run it under a cold tap and place in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes. This can then be applied to the newly-tattooed area. This can help reduce any swelling which may occur and can help the healing process, making it more comfortable for you the following day.

Once your tattoo is finished, you will receive an aftercare card and verbal instructions on how to look after it. Then it is all down to you to look after your new tattoo and follow our advice. We’ve done our job now please do yours.

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  • Wash, bathe or shower as normal
  • Be sure to pat dry (do not rub)
  • Apply small amounts of recommended aftercare lotion/cream as instructed by a member of staff
  • Use your ice-pack
  • Once healed use a quality sunblock
  • Keep clean at all times


  • Cover with another dressing
  • Pick or scratch
  • Contaminate with oil, grease, cement, sand, dirt, mud, etc
  • Use a sauna or immerse in seawater or chlorinated water until it is healed
  • Wear tight clothing or anything that may irritate or rub against your new tattoo
  • Sunbathe or use sun beds. Once healed these are fine but make sure to cover your tattoo with sun block
  • Listen to the ‘experts down the pub’