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Our piercing section is run by Sophie who after intensive training by Andy along with her bubbly & friendly personality has gained a strong following of repeat customers as well as new ones daily.

The age limit for piercing is 16 with a parent present or 18 with photo id. All new piercings are done with surgical implant grade titanium except for earlobes which can be done with a stud gun.

Pricing starts at £10 for earlobes pierced with a stud gun ranging up to £30 for piercings done with a needle. We hold a large stock of jewellery in various sizes/colours if you wish to change jewellery after your initial piercing has healed. We have deals on most of the time so pop in & see what is on offer.

We also stock a selection of piercing aftercare products to help with the cleaning & healing process.

You will be given full verbal & printed aftercare instructions once the piercing has been done. If you feel you need to know more you can always come back into the studio & talk to Sophie.

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We currently have offers & discounts on our body piercing jewellery & aftercare products as well as our tattoo related items that are on display in the studio. We also do gift vouchers for any amount for that special someone who is always so hard to buy gifts for. So why not buy them the gift that lasts a lifetime.